The suicide rate for farmers is more than double that of veterans. Former farmer Debbie Weingarten gives an insiders perspective on farm life and how to help It is dark in the workshop, but what light there is streams in patches through the windows. Cobwebs coat the wrenches, the cans of spray paint and the […]

Elon Musk has made a rather bizarre announcement on Twitter, claiming the first launch of his new mega-rocket will be used to take his very own Tesla Roadster to Mars. This new rocket is SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, which will be the most powerful rocket currently in operation when it launches. The rocket has been continuously […]

In a speech at the Open Markets Institute, Senator Elizabeth Warren offers a roadmap for how to tackle growing monopolies in the United States The central question America faces today is this: who does our government work for? Does it work only for giant corporations, for the rich and the powerful? Or does it work […]

It’s almost decision time in the corporate comedy of errors between Uber and Google’s parent company, Alphabet. For 10 months, they’ve repeatedly embarrassed each other in a fight over self-driving car technology. Alphabet says that a key former engineer, Anthony Levandowski, took trade secrets from Alphabet to Uber as part of a $700 million acquisition. The dispute finally goes […]

Evan Spiegel said Tuesday in his prepared remarks to investors. “We’re willing to take that risk for what we believe are substantial long-term benefits to our business.” As a part of the overhaul, Snapchat is building an algorithm to show people a personalized version of the stories they might want to see. Spiegel didn’t give […]

They start arriving even before the security shutters at the west Caracas storefront roll up at about 8:30 a.m. For 11 hours a day, they’ll hunch over old-fashioned cathode-ray tube monitors and bang on greasy keyboards in a dim space with a boarded-up window and a blanket of dust. They pause just long enough to smoke cigarettes in the […]

You can live a perfectly delightful mobile existence using an Android phone without tweaking a single setting. But where's the fun in that? Especially when a handful of downloads and a few minutes of tinkering can turn, say, your Galaxy S8 from a TouchWiz minefield into a digital zen garden. This has always been true. […]

Image: peter macdiarmid/Getty Images The iPad is great, but it’s so damn expensive. That may be about to change.  Anonymous sources with intimate knowledge of Apple’s supply chain told DigiTimes that the tech giant is considering releasing a 9.7-inch iPad for only $259 in 2018.  SEE ALSO: Apple’s next iPad could have Face ID and […]

When North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday, analysts quickly determined that the weapon would be able to reach any target in the continental United States. Further photo and video analysis since, though, indicate that the missile test represents an even greater advance in capabilities than analysts first thought. And as the international […]

The China trip was only supposed to last 10 days. For Konstantinos Karatsevidis, the 23-year-old CEO of a new gadget maker called Eve, it was just a quick check-in to make sure production was rolling smoothly on his latest product. Karatsevidis and the rest of the nine-person Eve team have spent the last few years […] is betting on voice tech.Image: Anthony Devlin/Getty Images was sitting in a tight, grey conference room in San Francisco’s Moscone Center when he dropped a bomb on me: Not Amazon, nor Apple, nor Google, nor anyone had developed a real voice assistant… yet. When says he’s working on an assistant, I say […]

Ray Wong really got into this Windows VR experience.Image: lance ulanoff/mashable The best test of any virtual reality system is how quickly can you forget you’re wearing a virtual reality system? By this measure alone, Acer’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset (and the included motion controllers) is a very good VR system. SEE ALSO: Cyber Monday […]

The iPhone X has been out on the market for just a week, and the much-hyped device appears to have its first big hardware flaw. Some early X owners are already reporting issues with their $999-plus premium devices shortly after putting them into daily use.  SEE ALSO: How to charge your iPhone X twice as […]

When Greg Rogers left his gig as a Washington, DC, lobbyist in 2015, he did what any savvy, mid-20s kid with a car and a light wallet might: He signed up to drive for a couple of ridehailing services. “Living the millennial dream means quitting your job, driving for Uber and Lyft, and trying to […]

Thanks for stopping by for Day 3 of Upworthy’s 31 Days of Happiness Countdown! If this is your first visit, here’s the gist: Each day between Dec. 1 and Dec. 31, we’re sharing stories we hope will bring joy, smiles, and laughter into our lives and yours. It’s been a challenging year for a lot […]

LIHUE, HawaiiThe wail of an air raid siren cut through the humid December air for the first time in decades to warn of an imminent nuclear attack. Holiday shoppers at a palm tree-lined outdoor mall on the Hawaiian island of Kauai showed little reaction though. Others around the state reported not hearing the siren at […]

(CNN)Dubai is well known as a testing ground for future tech, and seen as a model for future living by many. Try telling that to anyone stuck in congestion on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. One fix is to take the traffic to the skies. The RTA announced in February a collaboration with Chinese company […]

Video Eric Shawn reports: Iran is in ‘fat city.’ “The region has enough instability and challenges as it is. We don’t need any new complications involving Iran or Hezbollah so we don’t add new challenges to the region,” el-Sissi said at a news conference in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. “I am against […]

(CNN)Gitanjali Rao, a seventh grader from Colorado, has been awarded the title of “America’s top young scientist” for designing a compact device to detect lead in drinking water, which she believes can be faster and cheaper than other current methods. Lead is a toxic metal that is harmful to humans even in very low concentrations. […]

Chris Hazzard, MP for South Down, warns of strong reaction if customs posts or other hardware are introduced when UK leaves EU Any attempts to increase security around the Irish border because of Brexit could lead to civil disobedience, a Sinn Fin MP has said at a rare republican party press conference in Westminster. Chris […]

As robots slash the time it takes to complete an order at companies like Amazon and Ocado, what does that mean for their human colleagues? Next to the M56, on the outskirts of Manchester, the future has landed. A cluster of huge distribution centres sits at the heart of the Beijing Construction Engineering Group (two […]

Snapchat today unveiled a major redesign of its app that aims to separate content shared by friends from professional publishers, a move the social network hopes will help jump-start its stagnant user base. The overhauled interface now pulls all messages and ephemeral stories from friends to the left of the camera launch screen, with “close […]

There are few games that so beautifully compliment a console they way Pokémon has with the Nintendo DS family. Since 2007, the JRPG giant delivered a decade of consistently excellent games. Diamond and Pearl were the first steps showing the possibilities of a Pokémon game running on stronger hardware with two screens. Black and White […]

It’s time to start getting excited about the Samsung Galaxy S9. The Samsung Galaxy S8 enjoyed months of uninterrupted attention following its April 2017 release, but it could only hold the spotlight for so long. The immensely popular device has been overshadowed in recent months by the release of the Pixel 2 XL, iPhone X, […]

The Public Enemy founder on the importance of raps history, losing his father and how the Trump era might play out Rapper, author, producer and activist Chuck D was born Carlton Douglas Ridenhour in Queens, New York in 1960. As leader of the rap group It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back(1988) […]

An investigation by Quartz has revealed that Android devices send cell tower location data to Google even if the user has disabled location services for apps in their device settings. Quartz also said it observed location data being sent even if devices had been reset to factory default settings. Android devices with a cellular data or […]

Being the richest man in the world wasn’t enough. After Amazon shares climbed on Black Friday, founder and CEO Jeff Bezos saw his net worth rise to $100.3 billion, according to Bloomberg estimates. Amazon’s stock has soared this year and Bezos has benefited to the tune of $32.6 billion. Yes, that’s the amount he has […]

Facebook is no stranger when it comes to open sourcing its computing knowledge. Over the years, it has consistently created software and hardware internally, then transferred that wisdom to the open source community to let them have it. Today, it announced it was open sourcing its modular network routing software called Open/R, as the tradition […]

In the summer of 2016, we discovered that the United Way of Otero County, New Mexico was holding a firearms raffle that would put 108 firearms into this small rural community.  The prize list included a sniper rifle designed to shoot a person from a mile away as well as an AR-15 assault weapon ― […]

Image: baidu Google Home and the Amazon Echo have new competition. Baidu, which runs China’s most popular search engine, has produced the Raven H, a voice-activated speaker that runs on an artificial intelligence platform. SEE ALSO: Baidu plans to put a driverless bus on Chinese roads next year and cars by 2021 The Raven H […]

Image: vicky leta/mashable Never has there been a phone that has kept me up at night as much as the recently released OnePlus 5T. As I wrote in my review, it’s a mighty fine Android phone. Correction: It’s mostly mighty fine, except for the cameras. They’re pretty weak and take average-looking photos. Though, an upcoming […]

I think it’s time to admit that Apple’s insane, convention-breaking bet on delivering an iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the astonishing iPhone X all within weeks of each other was a winning strategy. Don’t look at me like you’re not surprised. Virtually everyone, including me, predicted a possible disaster. It was a feeling that […]

Boston Dynamics hasn’t talked much since it changed hands from Google’s ailing robotics wing to the deep pockets of SoftBank, but the cutting-edge robotics firm happily gave the world a sneak peek of what it’s been working on in the meantime. The company posted a 24-second teaser trailer showcasing a sleek new version of its […]

Feeling old yet? An entire decade ago, Google released the first public beta of the Android OS, two years after its 2005 acquisition of Android Inc. In the demo above, you’ll see the beginnings of Android as an OS for basic BlackBerry style devices with keyboards and trackballs, as well as what it can achieve […]

Amazon Echo and Google Home—and other devices that have Alexa and Google Assistant built in—are some of the most promising new technologies to come along in years. And they’re genuinely useful to have around, whether it’s to settle a bet or help out with a recipe. But it can also feel a little creepy to […]

It's been years since I gave a second thought to my web browser. Safari's fine, Microsoft Edge is whatever, I think Opera still exists? None have ever offered much reason to switch away from Chrome, Google's fast, simple web tool. I'm not the only one who feels this way, either: Chrome commands nearly 60 percent […]

“I wanted somewhere with horrible lighting and limited backdrops. Somewhere that made absolutely no sense for a photo shoot.” Before she started shooting, Martin set herself some rules: “As soon as we walked in an employee asked if they could help us and I asked, “We were just going to take a few photos, is […]

“Every month” and “every 4 weeks” sound similar, but are different. Paying every month gets you 12 payments, every 4 weeks gets you 13 TL;DR: Planned obsolescence and all the different types, with examples.Planned obsolescence. Basically, products are designed by manufacturers to “wear out” after a certain period of time or amount of use. This […]

Image: lili sams/mashable Phone makers like Apple, Google, and Samsung have mastered the art of making desirable smartphones that command premium prices.  But they’re screwing up with the software big-time, and it’s starting to look really embarrassing. When you’re asking people to pony up $1,000+ for a phone, these mistakes are inexcusable. SEE ALSO: Which […]

iPhone XImage: Dustin Drankoski/Mashable Saving for an iPhone X? Perhaps you’ve sold a car or taken an extra job to finance the ultra-expensive new Apple phone? Well, you’ll probably be disappointed to know that the $999+ iPhone X actually costs around $370 to produce, according to IHS Markit.  SEE ALSO: Let’s take a trip down […]

I thought I hated myself on Thanksgiving morning when I was too hungover from my Thanksgiving Eve blackout to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my little sister, but no. As usual, I’ve outdone myself. I realize my lack of self-control has truly got to me when it comes to Fireball owning a credit […]

The iPhone X is finally in peoples’ hands, and right on cue, some thirsty idiots customers are already dropping their $1,000 phones on the concrete… for testing purposes, of course. Why you’d ever intentionally destroy an iPhone X is beyond me, but I guess somebody out there needs to test how durable Apple’s newest phone […]

For years, automakers and hackers have known about a clever attack that spoofs the signal from a wireless car key fob to open a vehicle's doors, and even drive it away. But even after repeated demonstrations—and real thefts—the technique still works on a number of models. Now a team of Chinese researchers has not only […]

Look at this waste!Image: The Washington Post/Getty Images Conservative internet dudes are smashing their Keurig coffee brewers to take a political stand, and reader, they might just be on to something.  SEE ALSO: Sean Hannity’s defense of Roy Moore is costing him advertisers It’s definitely not the point they’re trying to make, but it’s a […]

Bang & Olufsen’s headphones tend to stand out from the crowd, and their new fully wireless mode, the Beoplay E8, is no exception. The E8 is easily the best totally wire-free headphone I’ve used thus far, with comfortable earbuds that should fit regardless of your ear shape, good battery life of around four hours per […]

Nearly three years on from Microsoft unveiling its HoloLens augmented reality headsets, the company today announced a major expansion of its availability: 29 more markets in Europe, nearly tripling the total number of countries where you can buy the device up to 39. The news shows that while we don’t have a firm number of how many […]

We’d heard months ago that Amazon would be using its Re:Invent AWS event to roll out some a new service related to building in mixed reality — augmented reality and virtual reality. And on the eve of the conference kicking off, it’s done just that. Today the company announced Amazon Sumerian, a new platform for […]

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(CNN)Before he slaughtered 26 people in a small town church, Sutherland Springs shooter Devin Kelley had some red flags in his background that authorities say should have prevented him from obtaining or carrying a gun. While serving in the Air Force, he was court-martialed for assault on his wife and assault on their child. He […]

Suntorys acclaimed Hibiki 17 Japanese Whisky is a sought-after trophy for spirits connoisseurs around the globe. But finding a bottle, even in Japan, is a tough challenge. It rarely sells for the list price of 12,000 yen and on Amazon its currently selling for 24,000 yen or more. However, if you really knew your way […]

Umm . . . see above.

Washington (CNN)Congressional negotiators have rejected the House’s plan to create a new “Space Corps” — omitting the proposal for a new military branch under the umbrella of the Air Force from the final version of a nearly $700 billion bipartisan defense policy bill called the National Defense Authorization Act. Rep. Mike Rogers, the Strategic Forces […]

(CNN)Thanksgiving, a day aptly named for giving thanks, is nearly upon us. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things President Donald Trump has publicly given thanks for. Check out the video above for a full survey of Trump’s #blessings. “Thank you for all your help,” Trump said to Puerto […]

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This piece was written by the people who run the Cracked Store to tell you about products that are being sold there. The same way an economic downturn profits the foreclosure sign business, now is the time to profit most from a career in cybersecurity. Equifax’s recent multi-billion-dollar blunder and the KRACK WiFi vulnerability debacle […]

The OnePlus 5T might be the best premium Android value of the year.Image: raymond wong/mashable “When we launched the OnePlus 5, there was no plan to release the OnePlus 5T,” Kyle Kiang, OnePlus’ head of global marketing, told me a week before the new phone’s splashy launch event in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s a peculiar admission, […]