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You can learn a lot about a person by how they react to bad news, whether it’s a natural disaster, a neo-Nazi rally, someone important denying climate change, or whatever else happens to be the day’s headline. Some people get outraged, some try to organize a response, some get out their soapbox. You’ll get your […]

We do a lot of things knowing that they aren’t great for the environment. We leave the faucet running while we brush our teeth, we throw out tons of food because it looks misshapen, and we use hairspray even though we know damn well we’ve been bald for over 15 years. But surprisingly, our worse […]

10 charts on how smoking ban changed UK E-cigs ‘definitely’ safer than smoking E-cigarettes are not yet officially prescribed on the NHS. However, doctors and other health professionals are encouraged to advise smokers who want to use them that they are a better alternative to smoking. New draft guidance from the National Institute for Health […]

“We want to understand where the gaps are in the evidence base, the impact of the regulations, and the implications of this growing industry on NHS costs and the UK’s public finances.” The announcement comes after e-cigarettes were included in this year’s Stoptober campaign – aimed at helping people stop smoking – for the first […]

“It’s like being a private detective,” says Devon-based George, 45, who travels across the UK so he can sell celebrity photos to tabloid newspapers and celebrity magazines. “I’ve got disguises – wigs, hats glasses, false beards – everything from fishing gear to jogging gear, scuba diving gear.” Skip Twitter post by @ColeenRoo Please can photographers […]

It’s conventional wisdom among stoners that smoking weed is, essentially, harmless to the lungs. on ’s marijuana-enthusiast forum, r/trees, and you’ll find links to study upon study that finds no link between getting high and getting sick. At the same time, hacking your brains out after taking a huge bong rip can’t be good for […]

Thanks to legal weed in multiple areas across the United States, there are now seemingly endless ways to light up. But even with all that weed tech out there, sometimes the most impressive stoner innovations still come from the kitchen. While some prefer edibles and vaping, nothing can beat the old-fashioned joint. Thankfully, the classic […]

The books interview: the Tales of the City author on his past as a closeted young conservative and his fears over Americas fascist regime Tales of the City novels are soon to have an updated treatment on Netflix, has long made a distinction between his problematic biological family and his logical family close friends and […]

A Pennsylvania tax on vaping products and e-cigarettes is threatening to close a large number of businesses despite bringing nearly $13 million to state coffers. The law, which took effect almost one year ago, taxes 40 percent of vape products. The Department of Revenue says the tax has brought in $13.7 million, Philly.com reported. But […]

New York is joining 10 other states banning indoor vaping, reflecting a US focus on the harm of e-cigs, rather than their ability to help people quit cigarettes New York will become the 11th US state to ban e-cigarettes indoors next month, after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill to prohibit vaping in workplaces, bars […]

The former 007 is back in action, starring in politically charged thriller The Foreigner with Jackie Chan, and he talks about Bond, Trump and the difference between good and great acting Pierce Brosnan can make idle chatter about vaping sound like Shakespearean verse. I ask him about his stance on vaping mostly as a lark, […]