"Why is the door barking at me…?"
Image: amazon

These days practically everyone wants a piece of that smart-tech powered future, and if Amazon gets its way, everyone probably will. Well, with the possible exception of some pet owners, that is. That’s because the latest offering from the Seattle-based retail juggernaut isn’t exactly dog friendly. 

On Oct. 25, Amazon proudly announced Amazon Key — a service in which participating Prime members give the company remote access to smart locks attached to their front doors, allowing Amazon to grant delivery people access to their homes. That way, the logic goes, a package is never left out on the doorstep for thieves to have their way with. 

While the reactions to Key were mixed, one question was a constant: What about pets? Surely, having delivery guys open your door midday risks your dog getting out or a bite and subsequent lawsuit. In its infinite wisdom, Amazon had already thought of this, burying a note in Key’s help page to address the very issue. 

“Back Fido! Back!”

Image: amazon

“We do not recommend using in-home delivery if your pet can access the front door on delivery day,” the company explains. “If you have a pet, we require you to safely block off your pet from the delivery area in your home on the day of delivery. Keeping your pet blocked-off from the in-home delivery area will help prevent your pet from escaping or approaching the driver during delivery.”

That means all you bird and fish owners out there are fine, but any dog or cat lover who doesn’t want to crate their little buddy for the day is likely out of luck. 

Don’t worry, though — you probably won’t have to wait too long until Amazon is delivering your packages by drone. When that time comes, your little fuzzball will be firmly planted under the couch as the flying Amazon Key Bot comes buzzing at the door. 

VIA: http://mashable.com/