Apple Inc.’s Tim Cook and Google’s Sundar Pichai made their first appearances at China’s World Internet Conference, bringing star power to a gathering the Chinese government uses to promote strict online censorship. Apple’s chief executive officer gave a surprise keynote at the opening ceremony on Sunday, calling for future internet and AI technologies to be […]

When a car hit San Franciscan cyclist Seth McGinnis, he flew seven feet into the air before landing on his wrist. He broke it in two places, chipping his elbow in the process. After weeks of wearing a traditional cast, McGinnis was miserable. It smelled. It itched. He couldnt shower. He couldnt swim. He couldnt […]

Humans are obsessed with robots. Leonardo da Vinci attempted to build one in the 16th century, and the Jetsons were served by Rosie the robot maid. Todays pop culture robots are indistinguishable from living, breathing humans (some examples: Blade Runner, Westworld, Ex Machina,and Black Mirror). Were obsessed with the pursuit of replicating or replacing ourselves. […]

Anthony Levandowski makes an unlikely prophet. Dressed Silicon Valley-casual in jeans and flanked by a PR rep rather than cloaked acolytes, the engineer known for self-driving cars—and triggering a notorious lawsuit—could be unveiling his latest startup instead of laying the foundations for a new religion. But he is doing just that. Artificial intelligence has already […]