The White House may ban its employees from using personal mobile phones while at work, raising concerns among some staffers including that they’ll be cut off from family and friends, according to seven administration officials. President Donald Trump has repeatedly complained about press leaks since taking office, but one official said the potential change isn’t connected […]

Ouch.Image: brittany herbert/mashable Hackers stole the personal data of 57 million Uber customers and drivers over the course of a year, the company admitted in a blog post Tuesday.  Of course, Uber being Uber, there’s more to the story. Instead of owning up to the issue, the chief security officer of the company covered it […]

Ubers ride-sharing service has given birth to some of the most creative criminal scams to date, including using a GPS-spoofing app to rip off riders in Nigeria, and even ginning up fake drivers by using stolen identities. Add to those this nefariously genius operation: Cybercriminals, many working in Russia, have created their own illegitimate taxi […]

Malware hiding in the Google Play Store is infecting banking apps and stealing money from Android users, cybersecurity experts say. Dubbed “BankBot,” the banking trojan disguises itself as supposedly trustworthy free flashlight or gaming apps, according to a report by Avast, ESET, and SfyLabs. The report claims “thousands of Android users” were infected in the past few […]

The first time the police arrived on her doorstep, in March of 2015, Courtney Allen was elated. She rushed to the door alongside her dogs, a pair of eager Norwegian elkhounds, to greet them. “Is this about our case?” she asked. The police looked at her in confusion. They didn’t know what case she was […]

"Who's a good fridge? You are!"Image: David Becker/Getty Images While at one time the very idea seemed to promise the possibility of a digitally connected utopia, these days the Internet of Things is mostly notable for simultaneously being both a punchline and a threat to the very core of the internet. However, at least part […]

Well isn't that interesting.Image: ninety7 When you’re selling an accessory to a microphone made by a company that wants access to customers’ homes and an electronic eye in their bedrooms, maybe think long and hard about what name you give it. Or don’t, and just call the damn thing “DOX.”  That appears to have been […]