The U.K.'s biggest online grocer hit a milestone this year: Ocado Group Plc put together an order of 50 items, including produce, meat and dairy, in five minutes. Fulfilling a similar order at one of the company’s older facilities takes an average of about two hours. The secret: a fleet of 1,000 robots that scurry about a warehouse […]

Hurricane Maria wiped out Puerto Rico, but the financial impact on Medtronic Plc was a lot lower than the medical device maker anticipated a month ago. The storm, which shut down four manufacturing facilities on the island in September, trimmed sales by about $55 million to $65 million in the second quarter ended Oct. 27, […]

Forget all you knew about pies, because this woman has taken the delicious pastry dish to a whole new level.  30-year-old Seattle native, Lauren Ko, is a whiz at creating beautifully sculpted desserts that’ll leave you stunned and craving for a slice. SEE ALSO: A thorough and ridiculous step-by-step guide for baking pumpkin pie Although […]

Look at this waste!Image: The Washington Post/Getty Images Conservative internet dudes are smashing their Keurig coffee brewers to take a political stand, and reader, they might just be on to something.  SEE ALSO: Sean Hannity’s defense of Roy Moore is costing him advertisers It’s definitely not the point they’re trying to make, but it’s a […]