There are few things more frustrating in life than forgetting where something is. Last month, I misplaced a bag. Although there was nothing particularly valuable inside, it took me over two weeks to accept that I’d most likely forgotten it on public transport. I’m even worse with my car. Have you ever walked out of […]

Human attraction isn’t always logical. I’m sure most of us have at least one former flame who now makes us cringe. Whilst some features are universally thought to be attractive like a Hollywood smile and a six-pack, there are others that are, well, totally bizarre. Ever since I started dating, I’ve judged the suitability of potential […]

The concept of past lives is nothing new. It’s often said that if you have an irrational fear, it’s the result of a bad experience in a past life. My mom has always had a fear of soldiers, and she’s wondered if stems from an experience during one of the World Wars. Like so many […]