Their 23-year-old owner enjoys capturing those special moments that their furry friends share together and gives us a lot of joy to observe them on Instagram. Scroll down to see how cute they are for yourself!

Humans are obsessed with robots. Leonardo da Vinci attempted to build one in the 16th century, and the Jetsons were served by Rosie the robot maid. Todays pop culture robots are indistinguishable from living, breathing humans (some examples: Blade Runner, Westworld, Ex Machina,and Black Mirror). Were obsessed with the pursuit of replicating or replacing ourselves. […]

"Why is the door barking at me…?"Image: amazon These days practically everyone wants a piece of that smart-tech powered future, and if Amazon gets its way, everyone probably will. Well, with the possible exception of some pet owners, that is. That’s because the latest offering from the Seattle-based retail juggernaut isn’t exactly dog friendly.  On […]