When Oasis broke up due to the constant infighting between band leaders Liam and Noel Gallagher, the world was forced to say goodbye to one of the greatest rock bands ever. But after years of enduring the brothers’ bitter feuds, Oasis fans might finally have a reason to get excited, because Liam and Noel have […]

Electronic Arts came under heavy fire this week from fans upset about planned microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II. Thousands of people flooded social media to criticize how hard it was to unlock in-game content without spending real-world money, and it looks like the video game publisher has taken the criticism to heart. Today EA […]

A liberal witch hunt is on the prowl for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. The respected former judge is being attacked for OCCASIONALLY BEFRIENDING young girls using ROMANCE, and his senate campaign is on THIN ICE because of this smear campaign of the liberal media. Meanwhile, while the vicious liberals are attacking Roy Moore for […]

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Buy money. Do stocks. Learn about how stocks happen. Nice call. Should we hit the trading floor, then, or would you like to diversify your portfolio first? Or perhaps you’d like to learn a little about how stocks work? Diversify portfolio. Bet big! Shout! Go home. Yes! You’re doing […]

Lush is absolutely dominating the beauty landscape, and apparently, nothing is going to stop it. To prove that it sets the rules and everyone just follows, the company just unveiled its newest, most powerful skin care product to date: Lush has created a long-range shea butter missile capable of moisturizing targets up to 6,000 miles […]

When it comes to gaining a political edge over opponents, some politicians have no problem resorting to underhanded and downright shameful tactics. Such is the case with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who, it was just revealed, recently changed his Twitter account to look exactly like Ron Perlman’s in a shameful bid to get more […]

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Enter. Don’t you mean Heaven? “Yes, that is what I said. My name is Donner, and I will be your Hermanly Host for the next 500 billion years, assisting you with whatever you need while you’re acclimating to life inside the pearly gates.” Why only the next 500 billion […]