Neural networks are good at a lot of things. The technology is used in a variety of contexts, from finance to self-driving cars. But naming little balls of fluff? That’s definitely new and brilliant.

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    When Janelle Shane, an electrical engineer from UC San Diego- received an unusual Email from the Portland Guinea Pig Rescue center asking: “Have you ever trained a neural network to generate guinea pig names’?, she decided to take on the challenge

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    The rescue center gave Shane a list of classic guinea pig names – which turns out to be monikers like “Snickers†and “Rascal†– and the list of every guinea pig the center had ever rescued.

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    Using this data set of examples, Shane set to work creating a neural network based on Andrej Karpathy’s char-rnn opened-sourced code.

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    The AI uses the letter combinations of the over 600 names she was given and then trains itself to generate more names

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    Here are some of the AI’s best names for the furry critters:

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    Buzzberry and After Pie.

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    Fleury White and Stargoon

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    Popchop & Fuzzable

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    Bless & Bat